I just wanted to report that in no case have I been able to revert to
the passphrase-only prompt after upgrading to the newest version of PGP
Desktop.  I have installed PGP with a valid network connection in every
case, and have also followed the update policy procedures outlined
below.  Nonetheless, the PGP WDE prompt asks for user, password and domain.

Personally, this is not a big deal to me, as I prefer this to
passphrase-only authentication.

On 11/22/2011 8:27 AM, Mickey Mossey wrote:
> The new version also introduces several new features and options which
> we are not planning to implement at this time.  One of the new
> features is the ability to login at boot time using a full username
> and password, rather than a simple passphrase.  While we did not
> intend to activate this new feature, we have received at least one
> report of systems prompting for this information following upgrade. 
> Currently we suspect that this behavior is the result of the PGP
> Desktop software not being able to communicate with the management
> server at "" immediately after the installation
> process.  Without a network connection, the client system cannot get
> an updated policy, and so it defaults to the 10.2+ boot prompt
> behavior of requesting username and password.
> We are in the process of attempting to reproduce this problem in a
> controlled environment and will update this list when we have more
> information.  In the meantime, if you experience this problem please
> try this procedure:
>   *  Validate your network connection
>   * Force a policy refresh by right-clicking the PGP Desktop system
>     tray icon, and selecting "Update Policy"
>   * Reboot your system to test the policy update

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