Please let me (NY) or Steve (CA) know if you're interested in being part of this team.
- Mitchel

Hi, I spoke with Steve Zeltzer (KPFA area) briefly on Sunday about his excellent proposal for a full day of broadcasting across the Pacifica network on March 11, 2012, the first anniversary of Fukushima, which continues to generate global catastrophe after catastrophe -- events today whose consequences are too often downplayed or unreported in this country's corporate media. Steve has been forwarding indispensable daily reports regarding Fukushima.

He suggested that we put together a team at WBAI to address these issues -- and unanticipated consequences as well. I agreed, of course, and would like to put together a team to develop stories from a local angle -- made up of interested producers at WBAI and green/anti-nuke activists, artists, scientists and community leaders in our region. One example of a local angle, I'd suggest, might be a look at Brooklyn's Park Slope Food Coop -- the largest Coop in the country, with 15,000 members -- and what the Coop is or is not doing to ensure the safety of food sold there as well as the workers and working conditions in Japan where some of the food sold at the Coop is from. (I raised this at the Coop general meeting last month.)

There are many other unexplored and yet critical stories here relating to Fukushima, nuclear power, safe and sustainable alternatives as well as extremely dangerous ones too (hydrofracking, tar sands, etc.).

If you would like to followup with me and Steve on this, and if you think this can and should become a Pacifica-wide project (including affiliates), please get in touch with either of us. (See below.)

Thank you.
Mitchel Cohen,
Chair, WBAI Local Station Board

Steve Zeltzer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Project Proposal For Pacifica National Day Of Programming On One Year Anniversary of Fukushima March 11, 2012.

On March 11, 2011 the one year anniversary of the Fukushima catastrophe there will be events  and protests throughout the world.

Pacifica and it's affiliates will have a national day of programming on the Lesson Of Fukushima and Nuclear Power/Weapons In The US.

Programming will include

- Reports on the Cover-up of Fukushima and the continued contamination of the people of Japan and radioactive releases both in the air and water that threaten not only Japan but the world. Direct reports from Japan including live feed from rallies and actions.

- Reports on the 103 US nuclear plants including San Onofre, Diablo Canyon, Indian Point and plants around the country and involving Pacifica affiliates that are located near nuclear plants.

- Musical segments edited in from artists both in Japan and the US about Fukushima and nuclear power
The history of the introduction of nuclear power in Japan and the role of the United States in forcing Japan to accept "peaceful" nuclear power.

- The nuclear plant industry whistleblowers and their struggle and stories including Ann Harris, Kei Sugaoka and others. Also the role of immigrants and migrant workers in the nuclear industry in Japan and France. It will also examine the position of unions both in Japan and the United States who represent workers in the nuclear industry.

- The crisis in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in DC and the attempted coup against the chair.

- The role of the media in covering the nuclear/industry/weapons and the economic relationship between the media and the nuclear industry.

- National Call-in from throughout the US about Fukushima and the lessons for the US.

- Energy efficiency and how the US and the world can move to a nuclear free energy world with reports from US, Germany, India and around the world. [I'd add, proponents of DECENTRALIZED alternative & sustainable energy; and on-air debates over nuclear power's viability, and its centrality to global capitalism. - Mitchel]

- Reports from anti-nuclear movement in Germany, France, Russia and around the world.

This proposal would include programmers throughout the Pacifica Network who would help contribute segments and material. There are programmers who are already focussing on this issue and will be invited to be part of the project team.

Additionally the team will seek to make this a both and audio and video production that will be streamed on a channel and stored as a files.

It will also link up with organizations and activists both in the US and internationally and seek partnerships and collaboration.

The project will seek funding from organizations nationally and internationally who would be supportive of this day of programming and will seek to mirror the programming at sites around the world including LaborNet Japan.

Pacifica Team
Steve Zeltzer
Umi Hagitani
Sabrina Jacobs
and others throughout Pacifica

Brief video report from San Francisco December 3, 2011 Conference on Fukushima, The Lessons Of Nuclear Power and The Media - 42 videos
Uploaded by KevinPardo on Dec 5, 2011
No Nukes Action and many other organizations held at conference to share challenges and successes in opposing nuclear power. The event focused on nuclear power in Japan and the United States.

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