Would you please translate what you are saying for me?  Too many allusions and thought fragments I do not understand.


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Subject: Re: Economic Mobility of Families Across generations.

sawhill has many papers.  at least she's not a man---i prefer an earlier one at u chic, starts with, wrote about slutsky's theorem and business cycles.
this sounds about right---maybe have a conservation law (integrable system)---some go up and others down---eg sato's book 'symmetry in economics'.   (like alot of good academic stuff it'll be in proc royal academy in 10 years after 20 years being ingnored.  hey lets do TED with s pinker or hang out at brookings-aei (birds of a feather)).

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Subject: Economic Mobility of Families Across generations.


This study by the Bookings Institute might be of general interest.

I cannot assess the quality of the work.