Thanks for asking about how to see all the CBC count data for a particular
circle entered into eBird as a report. The only way to bring them together
in eBird for each sector of your count is the following methods:

1. make them hotspots. I just put this here so you know that hotspot data
is always available to query as you suggest. However, I am the hotspot czar
of VT and I wouldn't okay these as hotspots as they dont' really define
that roll and we are already in serious need of hotspot clean up for
Vermont eBird (on my list to do!)

2. Create an account that you put it all in for your circle. Of course then
you either have to share the account or enter all the data yourslef.

3. Have users share their checklists with an account you set up.

4. If you want to see totals for the count, don't worry about eBird, just
go to the CBC data viewer at

I can't really think of another way right now. But we do hope in the future
that perhaps cbc data can be entered directly in eBird and shared to cbc

Hope this helps.


Kent McFarland
Vermont Center for Ecostudies
PO Box 420 | Norwich, Vermont 05055

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