Thanks to Ron Payne getting the word out for me and to Larry for giving 
the update.  Thanks to Jim Mead for showing up almost instantly to help 
refind the bird, and then search for it locally by car.

The bird was quite difficult to spot initially in the field, a tall 
grass field that had been mowed or brush-hogged leaving fairly tall 
stubble and ruts.  At first all I saw while driving by was what turned 
out to be a rear view of the top of its head showing just above the 
grass far out in the middle of the field.  After pulling into someone's 
driveway I was able to get my scope on the bird and view 70% of the body 
from the rear quarter.  The movements of the bird at first were 
consistent with feeding on prey.  The bird then took notice of me, 
staring at me, then turning away, then staring again.

If someone was looking for a white bird they would not have noticed this 
one, as it was quite dark in appearance from the rear, including the top 
of the head that initially caught my notice.

I decided I needed to reposition my car (a bad decision on my part), and 
sometime while getting back in the car the bird departed.


On 12/7/2011 1:20 PM, Larry Haugh wrote:
> Just a quick update on Ian's sighting in a field at the SE corner of 
> the intersection of Spear St and Barstow Rd.
> This is in Shelburne, but near the boundary with South Burlington.
> After spotting/identifying the bird, Ian told me it disappeared in an 
> unknown direction.
> Jim Mead and I checked a variety of nearby streets and fields, etc, 
> but did not relocate it by 1 pm.
> Hopefully it will be seen again and stay in the general area for some 
> time.
> When I left the field before 1 pm, there was a WCAX TV truck parked on 
> Barstow; presumably(?) checking out the report.
> Larry Haugh
> Shelburne, VT
> On 12/7/2011 11:52 AM, Ronald Payne wrote:
>> I just got a phone call from Ian Worley telling me that he found a 
>> Snowy Owl in a field at the corner of Spear and Barstow in South 
>> Burlington. He said it was dark for a Snowy and hard to see in the 
>> field.
>> Ron Payne
>> Middlebury, VT