I'm a little tardy in reporting this, and hoping that efforts underway with
eBird will soon provide Winter Raptor Surveyors with a data entry format.


On November 26 the first of the Winter 2011-2012 surveys in western Addison
Country found 


Red-tailed Hawk - 19

Rough-legged    - 7  (2 dark morph)

Northern Harrier - 2     a male and female hunting together just west of the
ranger's residence at DCWMA


On Arnold Bay Road, at 44 5.76, 73 23.18,  180+ Am. Robins, 7 Cedar
Waxwings, 3 House Finches, 5 E.Bluebirds were feeding on abundant juniper
berries.  Also present were numerous D-e Juncoes, and a Pileated Woodpecker
feeding on wild grapes.


Interestingly (to me!) only a single Horned Lark was seen in the entire
survey area.


This survey is conducted according to protocols which have been followed for
more than 10 years, and covers the area between Button Bay on the north and
Town Line Road on the south, west of Rte 22A.   


I hope Ian's Snowy Owl hangs around for the December survey!  


Susan Fogleman

Campton NH



HMANA Winter Raptor Survey <>