Surveyed Lake Champlain from Button Bay to Goose Bay yesterday, making 
seven stops.


Horned Grebe 73.  Present at all locations except Goose Bay.
White-winged Scoter  10.  White Bay.
Black Scoter 1.  Potash Bay.
Snow Geese 9000+.  Northwest of Potash Bay.  Possibly the large flock 
(10,000) that has been west of Grand Isle for the last several days and 
monitored by Dave Hoag.
Gadwall  5.   Tri-Town Water facility.
Lesser Scaup 680; Greater Scaup 34.  Goose Bay. Part of flock that has 
been present for several weeks; the remainder might have been further 
south at Giard Bay, but I didn't check.  There were 1345 Lessers and 55 
Greaters on Monday at Goose Bay.
Ring-necked Duck 38.  Goose Bay.

Others included Canada Goose, Mallard, Common Goldeneye, Common Loon, 
Greater Black-backed Gull, Ring-billed Gull.

A Cackling Goose persists among Canada and domestic Geese at a farm at 
the intersection of Crown Point Road and Happy Valley Road in Bridport.