Ron Payne and I did a Lake Champlain survey from Shoreham to Button Bay 
yesterday.  South of Jones Dock the lake was totally frozen over, with 
the possible exception of some very small spots out of our views.  From 
Jones Dock to the Champlain Bridge the lake was a combination of ice and 
open leads and patches.  North of the bridge we found no ice.

No exceptional or new species of water birds were located.  The 1400 
bird raft mostly of Lesser Scaup which has been south of the bridge for 
many weeks was not to be found.  Gulls were few; only Ring-bills, 
Herrings, and a few Great Black-backed.

The expected assortment of land birds were seen along roads.  The 
Bridport Lake Street Northern Mocking Bird was at home, and the Snowy 
Owl was near the Dead Creek goose viewing area (reported to us by other 

Four stations south of the Bridge:

Black Duck  7
Mallard   239
Lesser Scaup  4
Common Goldeneye   846  (searched for Barrow's)
Hooded Merganser  4
Common Merganser  130
Bald Eagle  5 adults

Six stations north of the Bridge:

Common Loon   1
Canada Goose   76
Black Duck  12
Mallard   293 (264 at Button Bay)
Horned Grebe   75  (saw no western species suspects)
Common Goldeneye   98
Common Merganser   39
Bald Eagle   1 adult
Great Blue Heron   2 (both at Button Bay).

All species seen have been reported to eBird.