My first reaction was, as Bob suggested, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet - based on
general shape, color, and bill size. But the perspective and lighting could
alter those features as they appear in the photo. More clues would be
helpful. Were there any additional photos - maybe some with a better

I don't see the facial pattern I would expect in a female Black-throated
Blue Warbler, nor the breast/flank streaks of the Pine Warbler. In addition,
the overall color seems too bright for a dull Pine. And, the wing mark is a
bit strong for any stage of Yellow for me.

I might add that my batting average at identifying birds from photos is
pretty low. I tend to need a few more "live" clues in coming to an ID. Can
we get it to sing? (just kidding)

All that said, it is a nice photo and surely one that should yield an
identification - given enough time and further study.

Rich Guthrie
New Baltimore, NY (and also Vermont - but not enough)
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Subject: [VTBIRD] Winter Mystery ID

I had a customer send me a photo of a bird that showed up yesterday on their
deck in Arlington, VT - Have had a couple of guesses at the ID, but thought
I would put it out there for more input.  Have had a couple of votes for
female American Redstart, or maybe what Sibley calls Brownish 1st year
Yellow Warbler??

Any thoughts or input appreciated - 

Thanks - 
The Vermont Bird Place & Sky Watch
Manchester Center, VT