Greetings, VTBIRDers:

Paul Wieczoreck and I were on the Snowy Owl beat today in the Burlington 
area. We didn't find one. But I suggest continued searching, 
particularly on the Burlington breakwater and other structures at and 
around the waterfront. Here are a few notable birds from Burlington to 
Charlotte Town Beach (take note, Christmas counters):

- Barrow's Goldeneye (1). This drake was among Common Goldeneye at 
Blodgett's Beach, discovered by Ted Murin in the morning and still there 
when Paul and I arrived at 3pm. It's an interesting bird. Its head is 
very much like that of a Barrow's, it scapulars were in between Barrow's 
and Common, and it lacked the "black spur" projecting in front of the 
folded wing. I suspect it has some Common Goldeneye lineage.

- LEAST SANDPIPER (1). A juvenile in a muddy cattail patch at Shelburne 
Bay. This is a late record, I mean really late, the latest for Vermont 
by at least a month.

- White-winged Scoter (2) immature birds at Charlotte Town Beach
- Red-necked Grebe (2) at Charlotte Town Beach
- Northern Flicker (1) in the woods along the LaPlatte River trail at 
Shelburne Bay
- Hermit Thrush (1) in the woods along the LaPlatte River trail at 
Shelburne Bay

Bryan Pfeiffer
Bryan Pfeiffer