Excellent idea. I remember this bird (and this photo) well. One speculation at the time was that the house construction in this subdivision was discombobulating the local population of field mice. In fact, residents complained about the number of mice showing up in their kitchens. The snowy probably took advantage of these confused mice. Construction has resumed in this project, I believe.

Also, the 2009 snowy divided its time between the Cider Mill project and the Burlington waterfront. It will be worthwhile to check the breakwater periodically, too (bonus-a Barrow's Goldeneye at Blodgett's Beach).

I checked the Cider Mill and several of the most likely fields in South Burlington, Shelburne, and Charlotte this afternoon. No owl. Hopefully, she is still in the area searching for the best territory and food. Once she settles in she might stick around for a while.

Search on.

Bruce MacPherson
South Burlington

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Ian, a couple of years ago there was a Snowy Owl perched on the rooftops of 
several houses in the Cider Mill development in South Burlington. It was there 
for 3-4 weeks if I recall correctly. I am not sure if it was a 1st year female 
This location is pretty close to the corner of Barstow and Spear streets where 
you saw the Snowy Owl. I wonder if it is the same bird as these owls have very 
good longevity and the proximity of the these two locations raises the 
possibility that it is not a coincidence.
I will monitor the Cider Mill in the next few days to see if the bird visits 
Here is a photo of the Snowy Owl from Jan 2009:

Ian, could you tell if the Snowy that you saw was a male of female? Thanks.

Fernando B. Corrada
South Burlington