Brattleboro Snowy Owl – photos at:

Hector Galbraith posted his sighting of a Snowy Owl in the Retreat Meadows' cornfield behind the marina this morning. It provided a marvelous show for the local birders who showed up within an hour of the posting.

Initially it was seen roosting in the middle of the field about 50 yards from the parking area at the trail head. It flew to the far end of the field, then to the slope at the east side of the cornfield.

Parking near CAP, I began to cross the service road behind the stores when I saw the owl perched about 50 feet in front of me. I alerted others by cell.

When a delivery truck came along the service road, the owl flew and then perched in a tree in the wetlands and stayed there while others joined me for the viewing.

No idea how long it will be around, but if it stays for at least two weeks, we will have a first record for our Christmas count.