Hi all,

I did some early morning owling today down in Addison, with no luck. On my 
way back north I made a few stops along the lake. One of my stops was at 
Spaulding Bay in Panton, (which is at the end of Turkey Lane). Park on the 
right just before the road heads downward to access the bay. I found the 
Snowy Owl on a rock left of the 1st island. There was a duck hunter on the 
right side of that same island. A minute or so after I spotted the owl, the 
hunter shot at some ducks and spooked the owl. It flew toward the shoreline 
and alit on a log above some rocks about 200 yards to my right. After about 
10 minutes or so the duck hunter shot again and the owl was not spooked or 
seemingly bothered by it. This owl was fairly white with dark markings on the 
top of its' head, back, wings and tail. It also had a lighter shade of dark 
markings on its' breast.
I wonder if this is the same owl that I saw on Dec. 10th at Button Bay? I have 
no way of knowing because the look that I had of the Button Bay owl was 
somewhat blurred. Today's look was a very nice one. 
The funny thing is that both sightings were on an island with the owl on one 
end and duck hunters on the other. 
I saw this Snowy at 7:58 a.m.

P.S- I called Ian Worley to tell him about the owl while I was still there. He 
called me back around noon to tell me that he saw it on a log along the same 
shoreline (probably the same log) then it flew to the top of a Gazebo on the 
land behind the log. 

Good luck to those that try to get a look at this beauty.

Enjoy Birds,

Jim Mead