On a whim we went to Slang Road to see if the 
Happy Holidays Birders.

On a whim we went to Slang Road to see if the snowy was still present.  We didn't see him there.  However, at 12:30, we spotted him south of the Access on Jersey Street in a plowed field on the east side of the road.  At first glance, he looks like a clump of snow.  Until, of course, you think about the lack of snow right now.  He is very beautiful and made my day!

Happy Birding.

Jen Brown

 From: Pat Folsom <[log in to unmask]>
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Sent: Friday, December 23, 2011 8:19 PM
Subject: [VTBIRD] Snowy in Panton
Hi Birders,

Today I took a friend and went in search of the Snowy Owl reported by Jim
Mead and Ian Worley yesterday.  We had no luck at the Spaulding Bay (end
of Turkey Lane) location.  On the way back to Vergennes on Panton Rd, I
decided to drive Slang Road to check out the fields where birders saw so
many plovers and sandpipers this fall.

As we crested the hill after crossing the bridge, we saw a Snowy Owl in
the only large tree on the right, before the farm buildings on the right. 
Unfortunately, there was a car approaching from the opposite direction and
the bird flew, landing first on the back edge of the biggest barn on the
right, then moving to the front area where there are some new timbers and
a ladder leaning against the building.  We drove down to the driveway to
the barns and parked.  The bird sat there for about 5 minutes, then flew
over us and landed on the roadside, very close to the tree where we first
saw him.  We inched closer to him for a few minutes, but he eventually
flew south toward West Rd.

We saw the bird about 3:15 PM.  Good luck finding this Snowy.  I hope
someone sees this beauty.

My photos are not great, will see if friend Pat has better ones.
Happy birding and holidays,
Pat in Waitsfield

PS - The Red-throated Loon was easily seen at Charlotte Town Beach earlier
in the afternoon.