Sorry for the late report. Time flies by this time of year!

The Champlain Islands/St. Albans CBC was held Sunday Dec 18. Here are the

We saw over 28,000 birds covering 70 species. These numbers will probably

We saw most all the expected species and this will not be a complete
listing, just the more interesting ones.

Canada Goose new high count- 6268

*Cackling Goose-CW

*Wood Duck- CW

Ring-necked Duck-1

*Red-throated Loon-1

Common Loon-9

Horned Grebe tied high count- 62

**EARED GREBE- 3 needs Rare Bird report

**WESTERN GREBE-1 needs Rare Bird report

*Red-necked Grebe-1

Bald Eagle tied high count-5

Northern Harrier new high count- 7

Cooper’s Hawk tied high count-7

American Kestrel-1


*Snowy Owl-1 (not found the following day)

*Belted Kingfisher-1

Northern Flicker-2

Carolina Wren-2

Eastern Bluebird-4

Song Sparrow-3

*White-crowned Sparrow-1

*Dickcissel- 1

Good luck to all the remaining CBC to be held. Happy Holidays to all!

Liz Alton

Liz Alton:
"Keep a green tree in your heart; perhaps a singing bird will come."
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