Anyone up for some birding? Like I said below, I'll be getting in to the Middlebury area tomorrow afternoon and I'd be very keen to join up with some VT birders over the weekend, especially if Snowy Owls and Rough-legged Hawks are involved... Mmm...


Adam Welz
Brooklyn, NY
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Can someone help this person? I am busy with a CBC.

Sue Wetmore

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> Hi Sue
> I've seen your recent reports on the VT bird listserv, and would like to make contact with you and other birders in the Middlebury area. 
> I'm a Brooklyn, NY-based birder (recently moved here from South Africa) who is coming up on either Friday or Saturday to visit friends in Middlebury and Bristol, and I'm going to squeeze in some birding while I'm up there. I'm particularly interested in seeing the Snowy Owl and chasing one of my long-time bogey birds, Rough-legged Hawk.
> Will you be around and interested in sharing some info or coming along on a birding jaunt? If you're not able to, perhaps you can put me in touch with some other Middlebury birders? I went birding with Hector Galbraith, another contributor to the VT list, some years ago, and also went raptor banding with Brendan Collins and Rodney Olsen back in 2007 -- I've lost their contact details, unfortunately.
> I hope to hear from you soon!
> Best
> Adam Welz
> Brooklyn, NY
> +1 631 882 2306