My bird-feeding neighbor had scattered seeds on the snow in her driveway, and I was startled to see and count 29 Mourning Doves when I drove past her place yesterday, 12/30/11. Had never before seen that many MODOs in one place at one time.
Charlotte Bill
Enosburgh, VT 

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Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2011 2:21 PM
Subject: [VTBIRD] Record yard influx of MoDos

Wondering if anyone else out there is seeing more Mourning Doves than
usual, or knows what having 45 roosting in one's back yard trees might
mean.  Previous to just counting these guys, we had never had more than
maybe a dozen or so at once.  A remarkable sight they are, motionless in
the bare trees.

Paula Gills

*Birds were the earth's first musicians.*
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