I entered a search term using the Advanced option.  Once I searched and obtained results, then the Limits option appeared at the top of the results page.  It seems that you need to obtain results and then limit from there. Or did I get that wrong?? --Audrey

Audrey Bondar
Henry Ford Hospital
Sladen Library

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Note that many things can be "fixed" by using the Edit link under the top
search box, into which one can no longer type directly.

For example, if I want to search a title phrase, cat scratch fever, typing
the words into the builder with the Title qualifier results in:

"cat[Title] AND scratch[Title] AND fever[Title]"

being put into the top box; the retrieval will be zero. But using the edit,
I can change the box to read:

"cat scratch fever"[Title]

which works fine.

About the Limits, I have no idea; I don't see a link anywhere, either.

Sheila Thomas
UAMS Library
Little Rock, AR

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