Wow!  What a difference a day and three or four new inches up top makes.  I
got my money's worth today at Vail.  They finally opened Riva Ridge, plus
Chair 10 as well as Two Elks.  Lots of nice fluff on top.  We spent much of
the afternoon in the front side trees, which actually skied ok, despite the
thin cover.


Tonight there is a lot of new snow on the ground again.  It started snowing
at dusk, and it's not expected to stop until morning.  It looks like one or
more bowls might partially open by Friday.


Not sure it's worth the $109.00 (yes, price bumped a buck from Tuesday)
walk-up rate, but it sure as heck is worth the $29.00 Epic pass rate that
I'm paying by season's end.  A great night at Bart and Yeti's with a bunch
of rippin' young locals sharing some secret stashes topped it off. 


Man, I love this place.


Only downer today was blowing a buckle off one of my Scarpas, which cost me
over an hour in down time by the time I got it fixed at the Boot Lab (for
free yet, not including tip)



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