Sharon, not a chance!  Tahoe is the cheapest ski trip you can do, much
cheaper than BC.  We have done both for  a long time now and spend much more
roadtripping  in BC.


1.	Book lodging through  I have never had to pay more
than $1.00 plus service charge for a weekly condo rental. There is always
lots of supply.   I've done it four or five times now.  By the way, be very
wary of S Lake Tahoe lodging - some of it is really run down and actually
pretty heinous. 


2.	Lift prices can be had for some good prices as long as you don't
want to spend a lot of time at Squaw.  Mount Rose has 2-for-Tuesdays, 7-11
sells $57.00 passes to Sierra-at-Tahoe.  Homewood prices as well as Alpine
meadows seemed reasonable to me.  There are Heavenly discounts and Kirkwood
discounts at most of the casinos.


3.	Fly into Sacramento instead of Reno.  It's $100 cheaper for the last
two years.





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Subject: Re: [SKIVT-L] Lift ticket discounts in Colorado?


Yikes! and I thought $92 was a lot when I looked up the cost of Tahoe lift


I'm looking for deals on Tahoe tix for Alpine Meadows and Squaw and it looks
like the best bet for there is the 6 pack fro $399. If we only ski at AM and
SV for 6 days the cost is $66.50...and if we decide to ski elsewhere or take
a day off, the day price goes to $79.80 for 5 days of skiing. What this will
do is keep us from visiting Homewood, Mt Rose or making a trip to Kirkwood
or Heavenly.


Try Liftopia or They didn't have anything for AM and SV but
maybe the will have something for the CO resorts.


This is why I keep going back to British Columbia (interior)...lift tix are
still reasonable is lodging. Same for Utah.


This Tahoe trip is going to be the priciest of all the trips I've ever
taken. Kinda thinking I shoulda gone back to BC this year...but this year we
wanted to do something different and our CA friends wanted us to come out.
So we have 5 from NY and 7 from CA converging at Tahoe. I'm sure it will be
fun...but definitely not in my price range. I am not wealthy enough to go on
a "normal" ski vacation these days it seems.


On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 10:01 AM, Leigh Daboll <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi Mike  Briar and I are out there right now.  We skied Breck yesterday in
fact.  Actually, "skied" was a bit of a stretch.  Slid around on about 25%
of the terrain on the WRODs.  Highlight of the day was slapping skins on
around 11:30 and spending the rest of the day above the lifts.  They need
snow pretty bad.


Anyway, that really hurts that you missed the Epic pass.  What a deal that
pass is!  If you are only skiing Breck, why not look at some of the
Breck/Keystone-only passes?  Because the Epics are so cheap, there is not a
whole lot of other deals out here to be had. Virtually everyone buys an
Epicpass   Actually we have an "Epic Local" which restricts us to 10 days at
Vail.  They have some ticket kiosks in Idaho Springs, but your best deal may
be to check with your lodging provider because most of them provide


BTW, walk-up rate at Breck yesterday was $101.00, Vail was $108.00.  Our
friends have been using the 6 ski-with- a -friend- passes that come with out
Epics @ $81.00 (we are saving the 4 $69.00 buddy passes that ALSO come with
the Epics for Tahoe later this season).


Skiing Vail today - they have had about three inches in the past two days,
and there is most of the front open now.  Conditions were amazingly good
Monday skiing with the Duliks ( where we clicked off 21,300 verts according
to the "Epic Mix" website)  Epic mix tracks your pass all day and throws up
a report at the end of the day.


Anyway, cloudy and snowing here at Vail at 8:00 am.


Good luck Mike!






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Subject: [SKIVT-L] Lift ticket discounts in Colorado?


I've just booked a 7 day trip to Breckenridge, and am now wondering how I
can save some $$ on lift tix.


This trip was just planned and booked in the past week, so we're too late to
get the Epic pass, which appears to be the best deal out there.


Does anyone know if Denver has discount lift ticket stores, like Salt Lake
City does?


We're hoping to ski for 6 of the 7 days, so any savings we can find will
help.  Also hope to get to a variety of places, such as A-Basin, Vail, etc.







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