At 08:27 AM 12/15/2011, David Merfeld wrote:
>Alta  50%
>Canyons  9%
>Solitude  51%

I seriously question those numbers for Alta and Solitude. All the UT 
areas are open, but everyone has about the same amount of terrain 
open - 25% - 30%. Stuff still closed at Alta includes all of the area 
serviced by the Supreme lift, Devil's Castle, Backside, the High T 
beyond Racecourse, all of West Rustler above the Saddle Traverse, 
Vail Ridge over on Sunnyside, 80% of North Rustler, and a few other 
areas. You can do Greeley Bowl and Greeley Hill via a bootpack up 
Jitterbug from the Saddle Traverse. Solitude has yet to open the 
Summit chair and anything in Honeycomb Canyon. The Powderhorn and 
Sunrise lifts opened for the first time today. Brighton has yet to 
open both the Great Western and Millicent chairs and terrain.

Despite all that, it's actually skiing pretty well, despite the 
measly 2-ish feet of snowpack, but there's a metric crapload of stuff 
to hit off of the groomers. Hell, there's stuff to hit on the 
groomers, just not as much. I don't expect more terrain to open until 
the next reasonably significant storm - *maybe* next Thursday - 
although some areas might do so out of desperation and xmas crowds.


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