Hi, Folks.

I'm working with some middle-schoolers who want to do something with a MOO
(does that acronym date me?  You bet!).  They were thinking MineCraft.

It occurred to me that we might adopt the spirit of "Occupy Wall Street"
and build a virtual occupation.  Because it's been a long time since I ever
thought of anything first,  I did some Googling and of course there are
Occupy Minecraft efforts well underway.  But Minecraft requires proprietary
servers and payments.  There's someone on Facebook interested in maybe
setting this up:

There are also Occupy Second Life efforts:,

To test the waters, I just joined SL for the first time and found the
Occupy area (a conference center / seaside museum).   I walked around the
landscape to where some people were, and one of them in a Vampire outfit
said, "Piss Off."  Then I saw a door that said, "Open the door to enter the
Vortex" and things got pretty confusing at that point, so I left SL.

I'm wondering if anyone on this list is doing anything / has done anything
with either Second Life or Minecraft, and would find it interesting to take
some middle schoolers to do a shared "occupation" with us.  We meet in
person on Tuesdays from 9:00 - 10:30 am (so there can be some synchronous
conferences with you at times) and can also conference after school some
days (we use GoToMeeting) until we have an environment set up and

My goals for this are to take student interest in navigating these
environments into creating - but not just creating environments, creating
social structures, and maybe borrowing from some of the Anarchist forms
from Occupy Wall Street.

Anyone interested?  I've attached some screen shots of my experience.