Hi, Folks.

I presume you all know that if you enable iGoogle for students, they can choose themes that display unclad women at the tops of their pages.  Google doesn't care.  So we disable iGoogle at Walden.

You might NOT know that by giving students the ability to create Google sites, you give them access to Insert "More Gadgets" which can pipe in some pretty racy stuff.  For example, a teacher asked me today about installing a Gadget to display her twitter feed on her website.  I keyed in "Twitter Feed" in Gadgets and came up with... Well, do it yourself and you'll see.

Just a heads up!

P.S. There IS a Google Gadget for Twitter Feeds - you have to search for "Twitter Gadget" and pick "Twit" (it's the #2 option).


Bram Moreinis, Technology Integration Specialist
Danville and Walden Schools
cell: 845-750-2412