Hi, Mike.

I'm looking for an environment to do some educational things with students, rather than gaming.† I have some a handful of 6th graders, some of whom are VERRRRY savvy.

I'm interested in an "Occupy Minecraft" activity where groups of students set up encampments and deal with survival issues, just like REAL Occupy Wall Street encampments (perhaps complete with being occasionally evicted by riot police). And blog about it. And comment.

Do you have any students you work with whom you would like to organize into a Minecraft activity with me?†

Let's talk if so!


Minecraft, on the other hand, is a wonderfully simple game.† There is a free version which can only be played online, but for $20 you can get the paid version which will also allow you to run a private server and gives you more control of how and where you can play.† My kids use it when their friends come to visit and itís a hoot to listen to the chatter as they build things and run from Creepers.† If you give the server an external IP there should be no reason why the kids couldnít use it from home providing they have a paid account and know the IP / password.† †

Iíd love to tinker on this with anyone interested as we have available time.†