I think that Vermont is short-changing our students by not offering formal programming classes in high school. When I took programming classes at Champlain College a few years ago, I found that most of the undergrads from out of state had at least one year and in some cases two years of programming in high school. Programming courses provide great problem solving practice and are a good introduction to a skill set that is in such high demand that our current job market has to import it from other countries.
Doug Reaves

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Great stuff!  I'd love to see more options for kids to learn programming skills in schools.  It just doesn't seem to be a priority any more and it is doing a great disservice to our students to not have these opportunities.

It sort of begs the question ...

... how many of our teachers or of us have taken an online course recently ?

... how many of our teachers can program ?

... how many of us have learned a new / renewed programming language recently ? 

Maybe the code academy is an opportunity for us and the folks in VITA-LEARN ?  ... especially with the XO-3 release much rumored release coming up this week at  CESS 2012 !!!


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