Vita Learn is an Affiliate Member of ISTE and supports this opportunity for middle and high school teachers in any content area teachers to participate in an ISTE-NASA collaborative project.   Especially if you teach art, music, or journalism.  Please share this information and if you have interested teachers follow the procedure in the information below.

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ISTE is collaborating with NASA to select 25 middle and high school teachers who are creative, inspired, and share an enthusiasm for space. These teachers will work collaboratively to create learning and educational artifacts that teachers or students can use to gain a deeper understanding of the Earth's magnetosphere. Each group of teachers will choose projects to create and design. Final projects may be selected for publication on the NASA website and/or featured at the ISTE 2012 annual conference and exposition.

Learning Lab Details

  • Kicks off on February 6 and concludes March 16, 2012
  • Will take approximately 3 hours of synchronous, virtual participation and approximately 20 to 25 hours of asynchronous collaboration and homework
  • Is facilitated by Ben Smith, ISTE Board member and physics teacher
  • Features visiting scientists and engineers from NASA
  • Applications due by January 15, 2012

Applicant Criteria—We are looking for applicants who:

  • Are middle and high school teachers in any content area, but we are holding spaces for art, music, or journalism teachers
  • Have experience and interest in using social media tools
  • Are willing to work in virtual project groups to identify, design, and create artifacts for students and/or classrooms that help students learn more about the mission and the magnetosphere (the region that shields the Earth's atmosphere from direct blasts of the Sun's radiation)
  • Are willing to test the artifacts with students and report back

This is an opportunity to collaborate with others who share your passion, put your creative and tech-savvy skills to use, build educational artifacts, and support NASA's mission. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Carolyn Sykora at [log in to unmask]

Submit your application today!

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