Hello all:


I have released A PORTION of the 2012-15 Technology Plan to help you all get started in your tech planning process.  


This portion is the Local Technology Plan Template piece and includes the 4 overarching goals from the full plan;

·         Student-centered/personalized learning,

·          Leadership in a Student Centered environment,

·         Flexible Learning Environments and

·          Engaged Community Partners,  


and further guidance on the USAC requirements and creation of Action Steps.  There is a sample action plan template, and most importantly Guiding questions for each of the goals that you will want to consider in your technology committees.   Please use this format and guidance when creating your new plans.  You should note that a key component of the new direction is that of personalizing learning.  The Department will be looking for schools to be articulating a similar move locally.  Please remember… this round, no separate school plans will be submitted to the state, only SU or District plans will be accepted at this level.


Partial plan located at this link:





The full plan should be ready for release in early February.  It is hoped that a Feb. 1 release can coincide with Digital Learning Day.


Thanks for your patience on this.. and thanks to those that have helped move this forward.





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