I use Diigo with teachers but in a more informal way…some teachers are using it and we share links such as Assistive Tech or Elementary Math…one teacher and I created a 3rd Grade Group and she embedded the tag cloud into her Google website so students can see various tags for different topics; “math games” or “American Indians,” they click on the tag to find a list of related websites. A Spanish teacher is doing the same thing by creating separate groups for different classes and in the groups she uses tags to categorize different types of sites.

 If you utilize your tags and groups as a way to categorize things you could create a nice system for links. If you are looking to share documents, we are using Google Docs and sharing collections for collaborating on our NEASC work and linking the collections to a NEASC Google website as a way to organize everything.


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I have been trying to find a way for teachers, particularly those on curriculum committees, to easily share links and other information. Diigo Groups looks very doable, based on my experience subscribing to and participating in larger groups.  It is quick and easy for teachers to just click to bookmark, annotate/describe, and choose the group to share with.  What I find particularly useful is the commenting feature that is also built in. I'm thinking of setting up Diigo Groups categorized by curriculum committee content area.  That part is easy, but then gets muddier as we talk about resources common to everyone K - 4, or everyone K - 8, general resources applicable to anyone, and so on. 


I know that the more organized it is and the less e-mail teachers receive with updates, the happier they will be.  And, if people find it user-friendly, they will continue to use it.


Is anyone doing this?  Has anyone tried Diigo for this type of work? If so, any hints for organization would be helpful! Failures or pitfalls would be appreciated as well. 


If you have found a different tool that is easy and useful for this type of work (wikis did not work for us), please share that as well!


Any information would be helpful.




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