We have a few teachers using Edmodo at Essex High School, I think they find it a bit more 'student friendly' as to the look and use of it compared to Moodle. But as we have a dedicated Moodle server, and many teachers using it with students, it seems like just another place students need to go. I also worry about building a course on there, with lots of resources etc, and then all of the sudden having Edmodo start charging or go away etc. I haven't played with Edmodo enough really, but at the HS level I'm fine having students use something like Moodle which might not be pretty, but it certainly does a good job of getting them ready for using an online course management system like most colleges are using....

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I have a 4th grade class using Edmodo as well, mostly as an introductory class blog (practicing post, response & how to make good comments). We will be moving them into our WordPress environment in the coming weeks: they have quickly outgrown Edmodo because it is one long conversation and difficult to "find" individuals.

I continue to be impressed with the flexibility of the WordPress Multiblog/Buddypress environment, and am happy to share with anyone interested in a solid blog platform!

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One of our fourth grade teachers is using it right now for a communication with a class in Canada.  She has used Moodle in the past, so I'll see what she thinks of it and let you know.

>>> Lucie deLaBruere 01/17/12 5:18 PM >>>

Looking for any schools that use Edmodo?

Thoughts on how does it supplement or replace any of the following
Google Apps?
portfolio systems?
email systems?
anything else?

Lucie deLaBruere
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