We are having problems figuring out the best way to set up accounts.  I saw Caleb was having the same issues.  Was there a solution?  (i-pod touches).  We have twenty set up to one email and when we buy one app all twenty download, now we are running into copyright and I'm not sure if the app will run on all 20.  Possible solution is 5 different accounts or maybe individual accounts for each i-pod touch?    Maybe Rob can help?  Suggestions appreciated.

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Does anyone have any tips and/or tricks to offer relating to iPad deployment in a network environment that uses Proxy/Firewalls? We are looking to be able to turn on Location Services to be able to use some apps, such as Find My iPad, but we are having trouble getting the iPads to play nice with our proxy settings, etc.


Just curious if anyone has any quick tips they might be willing to share?


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