Our school just started a subscription to Tumblebooks which has books available for use on iPads. TumbleReadables is the higher level and has the same options.

Might be worth a look.

Cathy Alger



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Hello all:


Someone from another state agency is asking this question.. any ideas?   If not an app, anyone developed a tool another way or using a product?  Young Writers Project comes to mind for me..


Here is the challenge: Some students  are struggling with basic literacy and traditional learning environments are not effective for them. In research with Maine educators, Apple, and others, we have not been able to find an app that supports Teen Literacy. It seems that available apps are geared toward very young children and the sector of the market that can afford to pay for early childhood education.


Here is the question: Do you know of an app for teen literacy that would work in an alternative school for teenagers? 



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