are you using the Google Search app for iPad (it's not really a search app, it provide you with access to your docs, mail, blog, etc...)?

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Subject: Google Docs & iPads

I have been working with a group of 18 students on a research project using the iPads.  Our primary goal is to help them become familiar with using the iPads, but our secondary goal is to complete research on European Exploration, resulting in a digital presentation.  One of the strategies we have been using is to open multiple tabs, one showing the list of research questions, one with a Google Doc where they will record their notes, and at least one more with the information they are reading.  The trouble a few of them have been having is that Google Docs logs them out when they are going from one tab to another.  It does seem to be one site in particular (the Mariner's Museum), but I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem.  I'm trying to figure out if it's that one site that is causing the problem, if it's the number of tabs they have open, or if it's something else entirely.  I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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