When I originally wrote it, I had in mind a short story titled something about The Night before the Revolution by Ursula Leguin.  So I am not surprised you see it as tending towards a sci fi story.

I however have no talent to write it as a story. Anyone who wants should feel free to do so!

I did write a Fable once.  Here is where you can find it:


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Sam, I think your Second Negation is moving in the direction
of becoming an actual science-fiction story, and I'd like
to see you nudge it a little farther in that direction--
accepting that the number of words would become larger (as
some of the scenes would be narrated rather than only
alluded to), and resisting the temptation you might feel for
the utopian mode (I mean, I like utopias TOO, but this is
more science-fiction in spirit).