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Dear colleagues and friends,

We have the honour to announce the publication of the book

“History of Mathematics in Africa: AMUCHMA 25 Years”

(Authors: Paulus Gerdes & Ahmed Djebbar, 924 pages in two volumes; Volume 1: 1986-1999 [ISBN 978-1-105-11807-4, 480 pp.]; Volume 2: 2000-2011 [ISBN 978-1-105-14100-3, 444 pp.]; Distribution by Lulu, Morriville NC, http://stores.lulu.com/pgerdes, Published October 27, 2011)

The book reproduces the thirty-seven newsletters published by AMUCHMA (African Mathematical Union Commission on the History of Mathematics in Africa) since its birth in 1986. The book celebrates the 25 years of AMUCHMA by giving a vivid picture of the activities that took place, of the studies done, of the queries, of sources, of meetings, of lectures, of dissertations, of publications… At the end of the book are included country and name indices.

The book contains Prefaces written by Professor Saliou Touré (President of the African Mathematical Union), by Professors Craig Fraser and Elena Ausejo (Chair and Secretary of the International Commission for the History of Mathematics), and by Professor Eberhard Knobloch (President of the International Academy of the History of Science).  Professors Aderemi Kuku (President [1986-1995] and Honorary President of the African Mathematical Union) and Jean-Pierre Ezin (Commissioner for Human Resources, Sciences and Technology of the African Union) wrote the Afterwords.


Some extracts of the Prefaces and Afterwords included on the backcover of the book:


 “I am particularly delighted to say that the successes achieved by AMUCHMA in its activities … have been spectacular and exemplary …”

Aderemi Kuku, Honorary President of the African Mathematical Union


“I hope that this book will rapidly become reference material for use by teachers and students of the history of mathematics and all those interested in Africa’s many contributions to the advancement of science in general and mathematics in particular.”

Saliou Touré, President of the African Mathematical Union


AMUCHMA “has helped to bring awareness in Africa and globally of the rich legacy of thousands of years of Africa’s mathematical contributions to the international development of mathematics.”

Jean-Pierre EzinCommissioner for Human Resources, Sciences and Technology, African Union Commission


“The AMUCHMA newsletters have advanced our understanding of the history of mathematics in Africa and have facilitated communication among those interested in this subject.”

Craig Fraser & Elena Ausejo, Chair and Secretary of the International Commission on the History of Mathematics


“… I would like to offer my most cordial congratulations to Paulus Gerdes and Ahmed Djebbar ... The international community of historians of science very much appreciate their work ...”

Eberhard Knobloch, President of the International Academy of the History of Science


Paulus Gerdes  & Ahmed Djebbar

Chairman & Secretary of AMUCHMA


Paulus Gerdes
Vice-President for Southern Africa, African Academy of Sciences
Chairman, AMU Commission for the History of Mathematics in Africa (AMUCHMA)

President, International Studygroup for Ethnomathematics
C.P. 915, Maputo, Mozambique
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Don't Forget the 4th National Math & Social Justice Conference -
13-15 January 2012- San Francisco, CA

REGISTER AT: http://creatingbalanceconference.org


Join educators, parents, students, activists, and community members from around the country for a 3-day conference to explore the connections between math education and social justice. We will explore many questions, challenges, and opportunities to work toward social justice through math education. We invite you to share your thoughts, lesson plans, questions and to be a facilitator for a workshop, interest group, or presentation. Facilitators may choose to present on topics related to math and social justice including equity in education, literacy and social justice, and integrating social issues into the math classroom. Sessions need not be entirely polished presentations as we hope to share ideas in order to build together.

Goals of the conference

Conference Themes

Social justice in the mathematics classroom:

How can educators integrate social, political, and economic justice issues (ie. prison rates, military recruitment patterns, etc.) into their math classes? What math topics can be explored from a social justice perspective? How do we address these issues while making sure the work is mathematically rigorous?

Sample Sessions:

Mathematics literacy as “gatekeeper”

Are ALL students receiving a high quality mathematics education? Why do students need to be mathematically literate? What “gatekeepers” (ie. SAT, graduation exit exams, etc.) are there and how do they affect students’ academic and professional opportunities? What does math literacy look like?

Sample Session Suggestions


What is Ethnomathematics? What isn’t Ethnomathematics? How do we integrate Ethnomathematic lessons, units, theory, etc., into our classes? How do we ensure that the cultures and their mathematics are given equal respect (ie, with no tokenizing of cultures)?

Sample Session Suggestions:

s. e. anderson
author of The Black Holocaust for Beginners
If WORK was good for you, the rich would leave none for the poor. (Haiti) 

author- "The Black Holocaust for Beginners"