Hi All,

The Hanover-Norwich CBC, held on New Year's Day, tallied 49 species on 
count day, plus six others during count week. Twenty-seven birders in 11 
parties counted a total of 11,666 birds on a day thatfeatured mostly 
snowless ground, overcast skies with a few brief breaks of sun, and 
temperatures in the seasonable 30s.

The Connecticut  and Mascoma rivers were mostly open, leading to 
discovery of a White-winged Scoter (second count record) and Bufflehead 
(first count record) on open water above Wilder Dam, as well as a record 
625 Mallards. Other good birds for the count included a Red-bellied 
Woodpecker (fourth count record) in Norwich, and two Northern Flickers 
(ninth count record) in Hanover. Additional record counts this year were 
21 Pileated Woodpeckers (previous record 20), 476 American Robins 
(crushed previous record of 86), and 9 Northern Mockingbirds (previous 
record 8).

A few other selected counts of interest included:
7 Bald Eagles (5 adult & 2 immature, ties last year's record)
19 Red-tailed Hawks
3200 American Crows (evening roost in Lebanon)
1476 Black-capped Chickadees
137 Tufted Titmice (best since 2004)
156 White-breasted Nuthatch (best since 2004)
21 Brown Creepers
8 Carolina Wrens
384 Cedar Waxwings
583 Dark-eyed Juncos (best since 2000)
30 Red-winged Blackbirds
63 Purple Finches (best since 2004)
260 Pine Siskins
812 American Goldfinches (best since 2000)

Several good birds avoided us on count day but were observed in the 
three days before or after the count: a Common Loon overhead in Thetford 
(2 count day records), a Great Blue Heron at the mouth of the Mascoma 
River (2 count day records), Eastern Bluebirds in Norwich (3 count day 
records), and a Gray Catbird at a Norwich feeding station (1 count day 

Good birding,

Walter Ellison & Nancy Martin
Chestertown, MD

and Dan Crook
Lebanon, NH