After picking up my custom-fit Townsend Premier
Monday, I met up with Patrick H. last night to test out my new right
on the slopes of the famed and mighty Mt. Wachusett.

We started out with the precipitous Ralph's Run and I had enough confidence
in my knee that I was able to straight-line some of the narrower sections.
 A successful first run under my belt, we gave the heart-pounding
Challenger a try--with Patrick taking a run in the nasty GS that they had
set for reeb league.  Perhaps a little scared, but thirsting for more
challenge, we moved over to the stratospheric, summit-bound Polar Express
lift.  From the dizzying heights, we repeatedly tempted fate, and risked
life and limb on Smith Walton, Connifer Connection, & 10th
 The snow surface was an outstanding loose granular.  The knee felt good,
especially when I opened it up a little, and tilted the SL skis up on edge.
 That said, it will probably be awhile before my confidence in knee is
completely restored.

Patrick and I rewarded ourselves for our arduous efforts with satisfying
reebs at the Black Diamond Pub.

It was good to finally be back on skis.

--Matt K.

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