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>I'm not sure about writing about this, as the skiing is awful, but I
>have to share this quote from a local ski area about conditions today:
>> but thepacked powder on our 33 groomed trails is indeed still
>> plentiful.

"Packed powder" is a stale and worn-out, yet tried-and-true euphemism for 

As you, or someone else mentioned, in a previous post, the areas (Smuggs) 
must be getting desperate to open some of this stuff up.  And the caution 
against going into the woods is certainly warranted.

BUT it is filling in in there.  Chicken Littles and Eyores ought to stop comparing 
us with Tahoe because it's so unflattering.  I mean, we still have top to bottom 
skiing on reserved trails.  It's too bad the skier-owned resort isn't making 
money right now, but we have a second opening coming... some time soon.  
And that means that the best day of the year is yet ahead.  

Yesterday was jboard perfect: graham cracker crust -- brittle, dryish, 
supportive, yet totally carvable.  Frozen logging ruts, however, were a bit 

We have the AO shift.  We have a little liquid snow on the way, but that's 
going to shift somehow.  There IS base up there.  We still have most of Jan, 
Feb, and March... 

But aside from JJ's usual jabbering, it has been pretty quiet on the list.  I 
wonder if Paul T. has reached 50 yet.  I wonder what the snow totals are on J. 
Spin's snowboard.  I wonder where eo's latest snark is directed.  I wonder 
when MattK. is going to proffer some unneeded advice.  I wonder...

As you were,

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