So, lessee….

Last minute Friday emergency at work.  Check

Leading to almost missed fights at Buffalo.  Check.

Arriving at Denver, Southwest losing one ski bag.  Check.

Rental car company misplacing last pre-reserved 4x4 rental car. Check.

Staying Friday overnight at airport strip hotel.  Check.

Bag arriving from Baltimore at 10:30 am.  Check.

Visit (absolutely amazing) Denver Western Stock Show on balance of Saturday.  Check.

Pounding snow commences Saturday afternoon.  Check.

I-70 shuts at 3:00pm for many hours.  Check.

Drive 3 hours, first south, then west on  CO285 to Fairplay, and then north into Breckenridge in major whiteout.  Check.

Arrive at Keystone at 9:30pm, spend an hour locating after hours condo key drop box.  Check.

Arrive at one of first chairs at Beaver Creek Sunday morning.  Check.

Spend day skiing  nearly 25,000 verts in 9” of fluffy new powder, without any crowds.  Check.


What a great trip so far (seriously).  We had been looking to find an excuse to attend the Stock Show for a long time.  The temporarily lost ski bag gave us that good excuse, since we were staying at DIA on Friday night anyway.  Like I said, if you are into that sort the thing, it’s world class.  We were not interested in skiing on Saturday since the conditions were c*ap after so long without fresh snow, and a big storm was moving in.  Anyway, hadn’t planned on 1-70 being shut, but the detour was fairly reasonable.

It’s amazing what one good dump does on top of a reasonable base.  BC was pretty much all open or poachable except anything through the OB gates. Although the powder got predictably chewed up by day’s end, it was a good…no, a  on the hill.  More snow is coming on Wednesday for a further freshening.

No one is currently thinking about skiing out here in Colorado anyway, not with the Broncos and Tim Tebow and all that happening right now.




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