Right at about the Doogie Line, plenty of highway carnage was to be had as I-89 became slick with snow squalls and dropping temps.  At the ski club, I mentioned how the conditions this season might be considered "endearing" in some sorta' twisted way.  On Saturday morning, the prior evening's Nor'incher left about 1/4" new on top of ........[gulp]......... I'd have to see.  I picked up my newly tuned boards from the ski shop and I definitely gotta' give 'em kudos as they did a nice job.  I picked the usual for Trail Check and whaddya' know, it was darn nice - edgeable styrofoam topped by that 1/4" o' new.  So I went for seconds and then found nice turns on Quacky (on Ken Quackenbush's 95th birthday no less).  Unrgroomed untouched terrain from the prior day was a lotta' fun.
Well, the Flight Commander had given us a hardline directive the prior weekend to run the practice sleds into oblivion, so at 10:30 we dragged out the sleds on Fall Line.  This was very challenging as sled running especially with the chain brake tore up the styrofoam into dinner plate sized chunks which made it grueling for those running the tail.  Fortunately, Earle really smoked running the tail for me running down that narrow slot above Creamery and then down the steep into Creamery - every time I looked back at him, he was in his own little happy place.  later in the day, Christian and I continued our seminars regarding steep angle rescue which is becoming very rewarding for the both of us.  After we completed our afternoon session, the temps abruptly dropped.
Well, this morning, The Usual stunk for me.  Groomers were the place to be.  Lee and John took care of an injury on the Gazelle headwall and ran a sweet live sled run to the point where the patient blurted out "this is actually kinda' cool".
Looks like snow for tonight and even some Monday night.  Tuesday is Roll Back The Clock today with a $3.50 ticket, so that's looking like a winner.
Mark P. Renson
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