Call for Research Participants

 Are you at least 18 years old? Are you a Black student who wishes to talk about your experience with your skin color, specifically colorism, and how it has impacted you in and outside the Black community?

 My name is Nicole Palmer and I am a current second-year graduate student in the Higher Education & Student Affairs (HESA) program and the principal investigator of this study. I am looking for participants who to take part in a research study about their experiences regarding skin color. This includes Black students with light, medium, dark skin or anywhere in between.

 Who can participate?                                               

I am looking for undergraduate students at the University of Vermont who self-identify as Black and can talk about how their skin-tone impacts their experiences and how they see themselves and others at UVM.

Why should you participate?                                  

As the researcher, I hope to shed light on colorism, discrimination based on skin color, an issue that is prevalent in the Black community but rarely discussed. The identity of the participants will remain anonymous to everyone except the principal investigator and faculty sponsor, Kathleen Manning, Ph.D. The participantsí stories may aid in understanding how color discrimination has infiltrated the Black community and the role that it plays for Black students attending a predominately White institution. This research may also help to promote community awareness around issues of skin color and appearance.  


How long will it take?                                              

Participants will engage in a 60 minute, audio-recorded interview with the principal investigator. All information collected during the course of the study will be secured to ensure confidentiality of the participants. This research will take place over the course of a few months during the Spring 2011 semester.


What if I have questions?                                        

If you have questions, please contact the principal investigator at [log in to unmask].


How do I participate?                                              

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact the principal investigator at [log in to unmask] and complete this short survey


Nicole Palmer
Assistant Residence Director
Christie Wright Patterson Slade Complex
Department of Residential Life
University of Vermont 
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Dirk Jonathan Rodricks
M.Ed. Higher Education & Student Affairs '13

Program and Outreach Coordinator | Graduate Assistant
Center for Cultural Pluralism | University of Vermont
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