Dear EWBer's,
      The time has come for our annual executive board elections!

Wednesday February 29th, at 7PM in Votey 207

We will be holding our elections in addition to our regular meeting  
where we will be discussing our Annual Banquet and oven project  

This year the elections will be structured as follows...

- We will vote in order of President, Vice-President, Secretary,  
Treasurer, Outreach Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator.
- All candidates who have expressed interest in each position will run.
- Once someone has been elected to a position they will be withdrawn  
from any other candidacies.
- Those who are unable to attend the meeting may email me with there  
voting preferences before the start of the meeting in order to have  
there votes counted.
- The candidates are...

Alec Badeau

Vice President:
Alec Badeau, Baxter Miatke, Nora Varhue

Brittany Kelleher, Nora Varhue

Alec Badeau, Nora Varhue

Outreach Coordinator:
Megan Strand-Jordan, Nora Varhue

Fundraising Coordinator:
Baxter Miatke, Nora Varhue

Good luck to all our candidates and I hope all of you can make it to  
the meeting to vote. Otherwise, please do email me ([log in to unmask], do  
not reply all) with your votes ahead of time. Thank you for your time,  

-Sebastian Downs
Chapter President, EWB UVM