On Sat, 4 Feb 2012, Kent Saunders wrote:

> There isn't a self-service method for email recovery for folders other 
> than your inbox.  Normally you'd open a helpline FootPrint I believe, 
> but this time I've recovered it for you.  If you close Thunderbird and 
> re-open it, you should find a new folder called "sent-mail-recovered".

One point of clarification - you can ssh to zoo and run "recovermail" to 
recover non-INBOX folders.

Details here:


> -kent
> On 2/4/12 6:56 PM, Larry Kost wrote:
>> I was trying to move messages from by sent-mail folder to a local folder. 
>> While doing this, Thunderbird asked to compact the folder.  I said yes and 
>> now no messages  appear in the sen-mail folder.  Any idea on how to recover 
>> them?
>> LLK