Hi Lucie:

The web cam that I like right now is the Microsoft LifeCam (about 80$ right
now at Staples):

The reason that I like it is because it has a tripod thread which makes
placement of the web cam more flexible when on the tripod. Also does
require a USB extender cable so that the cam be some distance from the


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> Greetings all
> With the increase in request for classrooms to participate in SKYPE in
> Education and LNV/Scopia opportunities for classroom teachers, we are
> trying to come up with an ideal setup for a classroom wanting to
> participate in these opportunities.  Would love to recommendation from
> anyone who has a successful model.
> Which peripherals should we purchase to achieve the following outcomes
> 1) A Web Cam that we can point to different parts of the room
> 2) A microphone situation that might be separate than the webcam so it can
> also be moved to pic up a speaker from different parts of the room
> 3) Speakers that would work for a classroom (preferably a double
> classroom) -seems that many classrooms are doubling up for these event
> 4) SETUP config info that PROVIDES no feedback echo
> 5) Cost that fits in a classroom budget ;-(
> -----
> Looking to equip a PC, but if
> someone can advise either PRO or CON on using an iPad for Skype events of
> this nature, that would be great.
> Any suggestions would be much appreciated
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