One of my schools is currently looking at replacing its AGING Desktops.
Obviously the functions of these machines and the way we do business in
schools has changed significantly since they were purchased (8+ years).  I
have suggested that we look at the functions of where and how these
machines will be used in order to determine whether to replace them with a
desktop or laptop.

Can anyone offer any criteria that your school uses to make a call about
whether to purchase a desktop or laptop.
These machines are NOT for a 1:1  - many are in classrooms (i.e. attached
to a Smartboard)  or in the back of a classroom,  labs,  offices, etc.

Here are some of the points we are looking at in decisions

-- cost of having desktops vs  laptop
-- imaging cost (time,etc)  of desktop vs laptop
-- how mobile and versatile the purchased hardware can be over its lifetime
(i.e.  can be placed anywhere in the room vs. near the switch)  (can be a
multipurpose machine - sometimes used to run the Smartboard, sometimes used
in a corner of the classroom to create a movie, sometimes brought to an
inservice workshop  or data meeting  to accomodate the increasing need for
technology in many functions of our job)
-- amount of hours the machine will actually be 'used' if its a desktop?
if its a laptop?
--replacement cycle  (this one is a tricky one  what is the cost/benefit of
a laptop vs desktop)  i.e. a laptop for 4 years at $200 a year  that is
used 20 hours a week vs. a desktop for 8 years at $100 a year  that is used
10 hours a week

so many things to consider... what are YOU considering when making these


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