THANKS to everyone who participated in this lively discussion.
It confirmed my thoughts on many fronts.  It also challenged some of my
I think the conversation is not about "laptop"  vs "desktop" so much as it
is what will shift the culture of a school towards ...... (you fill in the
blank of what outcome you are looking for)  and what role will this
particular tool play  towards that shift.

There are many stakeholders in the conversation and each is pushing their
own vision of what "success means".   Success measures could range from (we
increased the number of workstations by X%; we stayed underbudget; there
there are no more service calls about unreliable equipment; the number of
ways (and contact hours) tools are being used by sudents has increase by
X%,   the use of tools to collaborate amongst staff has increased by x%)

Thanks to everyone who has chimed it. This was a thoughtful conversation.
Much appreciated.

On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 9:37 AM, Jane Wilde <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi Lucie and all,
> I would recommend desktops for only two employees in any school. They are
> the secretary and the custodian. My reasoning.
> Computers that are tethered do not
>    - enable teachers to take them to meetings
>    - enable teachers to take them home - I find the most effective way to
>    have teachers learn the capabilities of computers is
>       - to give them the tools they need to work at home
>       - to use a laptop to put together the family reunion photos
>       - to have their own kids show them the ease of the movie making
>       tools
>    - promote a sense that the computer is an always available tool
>       - Tamara get the laptop and take notes for the class
>       - Isaac will get the laptop, anytime you hear a word you don't
>       understand raise your hand and he will look it up.
>       - You five take the laptop down to the gym and record the
>       measurements we discussed.
>       - Jasmine and Phillip, take the laptop to a quiet space and take
>       turns reading the book into the microphone. We'll send a copy of the
>       audacity file to the First Grade.
>       - Khamal take the laptop when you interview the principal, record
>       it, take notes and don't forget to take a picture of the two of you
>       together.
>    - promote collaboration with neighboring classrooms
>    - do more than the one thing they are currently relegated to: If the
>    following are true, even the cost of a desktop is too expensive.
>       - I don't need a laptop because I only use it to enter attendance
>       in powershool
>       - I keep it hooked up to the smart board or project.
> My two cents.
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