George et al,

I love the idea of open badges where people get credit for formal and
informal work that takes place outside school, that other kind of learning..


I believe that analytics works well with the concept of proficiency based
expectations from Dan French and Elaine P- Design for Learning (transferable
skills, core-disciplinary, application of learning, depth of understanding).

Driven by analytics, a system of learning/assessment like this could be
differentiated, learner centered, personalized, equitable, rigorous, and
potentially relevant/meaningful.  And let kids co-monitor their progress and
perhaps co-create their learning with teachers.


Proficiency based expectations could be aligned to personalized assignments
and assessments-individualized education.


George, is that what you are thinking?  


Perhaps this goes in the plan, it is surely coming-and I think we are
planning for the future, not today, n'est-ce-pas?


Patricia Aigner

Director of Technology

Rutland City Public Schools

6 Church Street

Rutland, VT 05701


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