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So, it looks like parents need to be in the loop for 13 - 17 year olds...


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The OnLive service is a really neat. They actually started out with streaming video gaming. One major thing to consider is that it is streaming video to your device. You would want to make sure you have a substantial amount of bandwidth if you have more than a handful of devices connected to the service at once. It would also be a way around the lack of Flash support on the iPad. You still wouldn't be to use a lot of flash games simply because there is no way for the ipad to understand when your finger is hovering but not 'clicking'

I just signed up for the free service (they have a tiered system) and I realized that it may not be suitable for students if you use more than the free version.

During the signup it asks for your DOB which made me think about what content would be available should you use the browser running on Windows on their end.

My guess is that it would be unfiltered and that websites like facebook and youtube would be fully accessible. It's only a guess because the free version doesn't actually let you browse the web. MS Office is the only thing available on the free account.

Now that I have fired it up, I can say that it works and responds well. However, the free account is pretty limited. I can't see the benefit over using a native office type solution on the iPad like Pages or waiting for MS Office to come to the iPad (it should be out very soon). Also, it could be cumbersome to sign up several users for the service.

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