We are dealing with the very same issue, so thanks for putting this out. When you noted “And he can, on a per-user basis, set them up to be able to sign in as [log in to unmask]” does that mean there is no way to do this globally? I was under the impression that the only way to change a domain name is to migrate your GAE to a whole new GAE domain, as the alais doesn’t really help with the long sign-in problem.



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I want to do something in GAFE and I don't know how to ask the question, so I apologize for the long-windedness of this. 


Right now, we have several domain aliases for our primary domain, [log in to unmask] can also receive email sent to [log in to unmask], or [log in to unmask], etc. However, she can only sign in to Google services using the whole [log in to unmask] "version" of herself, because that's the canonical domain under which the Apps installation was created. 


Here's what the email settings portion of my admin panel looks like right now:




And here's what my domain names tab looks like:




Recently I learned from Mr. Gervais that it is possible to make it so that users can log in with a different username/email address. Again, pictures are easier than words; his GApps admin panel looks like this (sanitized): 




And he can, on a per-user basis, set them up to be able to sign in as [log in to unmask]:





That popup menu for choosing "Primary email address" is what I want to have, so that our youngsters don't have to type a mile-long domain name to log in. If I want to accomplish this with one of my existing domains, say,, can/should I delete it from being a domain alias, and re-add it via "add a domain"? Is that how I get to where I want to be? 


Apologies if this has been asked and answered on the list; I did search the archives for various phrases like "google secondary domain" etc. but I don't really know what terminology to use since I'm not sure what I'm even asking!


Thank you,


-- MB


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