This blog has hit it on the head for me. †I love Kim's blog, it is a great tech resource, but this week her post hit home. †I have been debating on going to†Dynamic†Landcapes for the past few weeks for these very reasons. And today †listserv brought it all up again for me. †I know we are doing something great in our little school, in fact†schools†as far away as California have come to see how we are doing things. ††This is a good read I just†copied†1 paragraph:
"What bummed me out about this conference was the number of excuses I heard about why something would/could never work in their situation.† What I really saw: fear.† I refuse to believe there is nothing to be done.† I refuse to believe that we canít do better for kids now.† I refuse to believe that there is no wiggle room around all of the constraints we think we have.† I refuse to accept it.† I know it can be different.† And if it canít, my next question is: why would you accept that?† If you truly want what is best for kids (and I know you do), why would you continue down the path of canít?† Stand up. Fight. Start over. Do something.† The excuses will get us all nowhere.† The excuses hurt the kids who donít have time to sit and wait for us to get it right.† I know some will say that it is different for us because we decide what our school looks like. We started the school.† It wasnít hard. Everyone could do it if they were willing to be a little bit afraid-- "

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