I think the point you make about curriculum and technology is important, so often we interchange tech plan and ed tech plan... where both are equally important but as we are in the business of should be supporting teaching and learning. How many of us are starting our plans with curriculum and pedagogy in a tech supported or digital learning environment?

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I will have a rough draft soon that I will post.  I am trying to call it more of a Curriculum plan vs Technology plan and I want to include a large curriculum evaluation component.

One cool thing is that I am evaluating a LMS for MSJ (this will be one of our action steps/goals, but I have jumped the gun and started).   Recently I have been in contact with, and I am very impressed with their offer.  They are actually selling curriculum with a LMS.

 *   The have 180 day k-12 digital curriculum.  Their course catalogue here<>
 *   Webbased Learning Management System
 *   They will purchase laptops for the program with a 4yr commitment
 *   They will help pay for infrastructure upgrades too.
 *   cost: $495/student/year

The person to contact is
Jeffrey Russell
1999 N University Drive, Suite 204
Coral Springs, FL 33071
631-880-8611 office
954-200-7771 fax
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Well don't leave us hanging!  What's the fun and shocking plan?  Should we set up a Google Doc or something?

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Hello my brilliant colleagues,
I just got off the phone with one of my "tech pals" and they tell me they have some very cool and innovative ideas for their tech plan!

What are you cooking up for yours....this could be helpful, fun and perhaps shocking for a few!  Let the inner geek flow....


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